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Edward, Agent 10035 stated that  my phone numbers are on their Do Not Call list.  


My phone numbers, land line and cell phone, are registered on the Do Not Call List.  In my opinion, any company cold calling a number on the Do Not Call list is a scammer.  

Annoying Phone Calls

Oliver Perry speaks with Terry Wilson about the earlier days of the EAA and donating the EAA archives to Stanford University.

List of Companies and phone numbers that have made calls to numbers on the Do Not Call List

Verde Energy USA Inc.

101 Merritt 7 Corporate Park

Norwalk  CT   06851



Green Solar Energy 609-874-6491  7/16/19 15:04

SunSea Energy NJ 

1451 Chews Landing Rd Ste 101

Clementon  NJ   08021


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Conversations & Interviews 

Mark King explains how one can save money by installing solar panels and driving an EV.

Analysis of Solar Panels 

How renewable is their renewable energy?