Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

The kin folk said, "Move away from here", so they loaded up the truck... 

James Natale in his 2010 Toyota Prius V-AT taking a solid 4th.  Dan, this one's for you.

Ken Barbour on his Zero electric motorcycle taking first place in our autocross

Methacton High School's Lomax EV conversion/kit, the oldest vehicle in continuous competition 

The autocross was run on the same course after the Central PA Region SCCA Solo Event 1 allowing a direct comparison.

The best time of the first six runs is recorded.  A two second penalty is added for hitting a cone.

Al Arrison taking third in his Electrocar S-10 EV conversion

Penn College and their Pontiac Fiero EV conversion taking a close second 

The Competitors

21st Century Automotive Challenge - 2017 Event Schedule

FRIDAY, April 28 – 21ST CAC Early Arrival, Drop off, and Charging

6:30-10:30am            Drop off at MorningStar home
10:30-6:00pm            Charging setup at MorningStar home

6:00-7:00am              Charger readings, liquid and gaseous refueling at MorningStar home
6:30-7:30am              Continental breakfast, drivers meeting at MorningStar home
7:30-12:00pm            Tech Inspection, Public Display, Cargo, and Tailgating Competition @MS
12:00-1:00pm            Lunch at MorningStar
1:00-3:00pm              Rally 1 all vehicles and charging at MorningStar home
3:00-9:00pm              Highway Range event
4:00-5:00pm              Dinner on your own 
5:00-9:00pm              Local Range Event: MorningStar to track for laps and return
9:00-12:00am            Pit work and charging setup at MorningStar

SUNDAY, April 30 – 21ST CAC Autocross Performance and Preliminary Award Events

12:00-6:00am              Charging

6:00-7:00am                Charger readings, liquid and gaseous refueling
7:00-8:00am                Continental Breakfast at Test Track
8:00-12:00pm              Public display, cargo, and tailgating competition at MorningStar
12:00-12:30pm            Lunch at MorningStar
12:30-1:00pm              Travel to CPI not scored.  Small team generators allowed.
1:30-3:30pm                Tech inspection, Drivers meeting and Autocross Event at CPI
3:30pm                        Depart CPI
Submitted by 
Joel R. Anstrom, Ph.D.
Director of the Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicle Research Laboratory (HHVRL)
Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State Main Campus