Individual Scoring

Elapsed time starts with the first scavenger hunt in Philadelphia and ends after the second scavenger hunt back in Philadelphia.

Those starting from the west in Plymouth Meeting, Time starts when you record odo, SOC & time in the parking lot.  If the Conshohocken store is not running a scavenger hunt proceed to Philadelphia, do one scavenger hunt, report in and the clock will stop.  The clock will start again when you leave for the "return" leg, find two things in Conshohocken and the clock stops in Plymouth Meeting. 

Fuel Economy

EVs you have a choice.  

Actual usage--Fill up at IKEA before the run and record SOC.  Upon return, record SOC and charge to same level.

Average usage--By using the recorded SOC the change will be calculated and applied to the battery capacity.

Liquid Fuelled--Please fill up at home and record the odo.  When you return home, fill up and record the mileage and the gallons.  Using the mileage total for the event an average fuel economy will be calculated.

Team Scoring--EEVC, SJEV, and Tesla Club members will be assigned to teams based membership.  Club members will be ranked with the median assigned to the club.

Saturday the store is open 10am-9pm and on Sunday 10am-8pm.  Come as early as you want for their other festivities.  

Saturday--check in with Jim Natale

Sunday--check in with Ken Barbour

11am – 3pm The Display Event

Discuss the advantages of EV cars and most importantly charging these vehicles at the store using BLINK.  ($0.39/kWh for Blink Member or $0.49/kWh Guest--3 J-1772 charging stations)   

Provide the customers a step by step tutorial as to how to use the BLINK charging station.

Providing test rides or drives is at the discretion of the participant.  

Have a "car show type" display at the car.  On the 2014 21stCAC there are some photos of displays.

IKEA Parking lot by Front Entrance – At the BLINK charging station – we can reserve 8 spaces around the station. If you need more – let us know ….. if weather isn’t permitting we will move this information session indoors to our lobby.

10am--?  The Cargo Competition

Participants will be given 5 minutes to fill their vehicles with empty boxes of various sizes.  When the vehicle is full (or time runs out) the volume of the boxes are counted.  IKEA will supply boxes but you can also BYOB(oxes) especially if you have odd nooks and crannies to fill.  If you BYOB please calculate the volume by cubic feet and write it on at least one of the sides.  All boxes should be available for use by all participants--at least for the day.

We may want to start this earlier in the morning depending on the number of cars to be stuffed and how much prep is needed.  The Cargo Competition will run into or through the Display.   

10am--?  The Rally    

Here's the opportunity to demonstrate how many miles you can squeeze out of your fuel.  A set of checkpoints will be posted here.  The objective is to plan the most efficient route.  Do not exceed posted speed limits.  There will be a ranking by fuel economy and another by time. 

IKEA is hosting a scavenger hunt to entertain children.  Participants will have to spend some time in the stores.  

Selecting the start time is part of the route planning.  

Calculating fuel usage and economy

EVs can start with a full charge and recharge upon arrival at the store.  The amount displayed on the charging station would be used.

For those who don't want to top off, SOC readings will be taken at the start & finish and a calculation made based on battery size.   

Odometer readings will be taken at the start and finish.

Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

Three familiar segments are returning:  The Display Event, the Cargo Competition, and the Rally.

The entire 21st CAC can be run in one day or if a participant wants two runs is welcome both days.  Only the best score will be counted for the standings.

The Cargo Competition will be held weather permitting as no one wants to load up when it is raining.   

This year's event is being run in conjunction with IKEA's Make Room for Nature hosted by the store located at 2206 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. in Philadelphia on April 21st and 22nd.  Check out their offers through the button on the home page.

The 21st Century Automotive Challenge has a new Location & Format

21st CAC event details are not final.  Updates will be posted here and on the chat line.

IKEA's Schedule

This rally is run between the IKEA locations in Philadelphia, Conshohocken, and Plymouth Meeting and includes scavenger hunts in the Philadelphia and Conshohocken stores.

There are two categories for scoring:  Overall Time and Fuel Economy.

Drivers plan their own routes and choose their start times.

There are two legs:  Philadelphia to Plymouth Meeting and Plymouth Meeting to Philadelphia.  They can be run in either direction at any time.  For example, participants from the west may want to start at Plymouth Meeting in the morning then run the westbound leg going home in the afternoon.

The locations:                                                                                                                                 IKEA                                                  IKEA                         IKEA Service Center                            2206 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd.  400 Alan Wood Rd.   496 W, Germantown Pike                        Philadelphia                                       Conshohocken          Plymouth Meeting                                                                                                       
From Philadelphia:

Record odometer reading & SOC.  Time starts when you get the scavenger hunt.

Find one thing in the scavenger hunt .

Drive to the store in Conshohocken.  Record arrival time and odo.

Find one thing in the scavenger hunt.  Return to car & record departure time.

Drive to Plymouth Meeting.  Record arrival time and odo.  There is nothing to do here so record departure time and return to Conshohocken for another scavenger hunt.

At Conshohocken record odo and arrival time, find one thing for scavenger hunt, and record departure time for return to Philadelphia.

Record arrival time. odo & SOC then find another thing in the scavenger hunt and report in to stop the clock.

 Philadelphia to Conshohocken:  20 miles—43 minutes

Conshohocken to Plymouth Meeting:  2.5 miles—6 minutes

April 21

The Phillies have a 4:05 home game against the Pirates.  Philadelphia Science Festival at various locations.

April 22

The Phillies have a 1:35 home game against the Braves.  Philadelphia Science Festival at various locations.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate.  Registration can be done through the Contact page, chat line, or email to Jim or Ken.  There is no fee which entitles you to no prizes, no shirts, and no free lunch.  IKEA does have a cafeteria that may have some specials. 

Please register by 10:00am Wednesday, April 18 so I can provide counts for Saturday and Sunday to IKEA.