Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

Our next meeting is on September 11 at 7:00pm at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School located at

201 E. Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting in room C-12.

Thinking of going Electric? Excited by the incredible acceleration? Wowed by the low operating cost? Amazed by the low maintenance? Wanting to stick it to the Fossil Fuel Man? Or just thinking about our planet and its future? MAREA wants to help put you in the driver’s seat of that new or used electric car. Come talk to the owners and operators of electric cars and find out what to look for and what to look out for at our Electric Vehicle Ask the Owner/Operators EVent. To capture a little more daylight for poking under the hood, we’re starting an hour earlier than usual and in the parking lot. Then we’ll move inside to ask the forum of owner/operators about

– Re-charging – Equipping your home to refuel. Where do you do most of your charging? Do you always fully charge?  If not, why not?  What equipment do you use?  Where does the electricity for charging come from? Do you have solar generation?

– Range anxiety – real or imagined?

– Why did you select the model you selected? Would you select it again?  What is its best feature?  What is its worst aspect?

We have several owner/operators participating, but we need more of you. Do you have an Electric Vehicle (EV) you would like to show others? So we can best accommodate you, please email us if you plan to bring your EV or would like to discuss the possibility of doing so. Thanks!

MAREA meetings are free and open to the public. All are invited! After the meeting, please plan to stick around and chat with friends old and new. Light snacks will be served. Hope to see you there!

Events Calendar

MAREA Meeting July 30

Tesla couldn’t solve a Model 3 owners’ Bluetooth problem after 7 months. So it blamed Samsung phones.  Read the full story by Christian Hetrick at www.philly.com 

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Meetings are held at 

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

201 E. Germantown Pike

​Plymouth Meeting  PA   19462

Turn onto the road that leads to the parking lot behind the school and park about halfway down the building.  You'll see a black EEVC sign at the rear entrance.

Welcome to the EEVC