Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

This isn't Wheel of Fortune so there's no clue.  The prize is that there is an EV Club in "the neighborhood".  Please join us at our next meeting as we'd like to hear your stories.

22:36 3/30/16

Devon, PA--Ken Barbour, your intrepid roving reporter of all things electric is on the scene at the Devon Tesla Service Center.  I missed being first in line by about 5 minutes.  I'm the second to arrive and two more just arrived after me.  Omar from AC also stopped by and will be back first thing in the morning ( he's staying at the local hotel).  Stand by for updates in the morning of how many showed and how smoothly the process was.  

Tesla has a Service Center in Devon and a store in King of Prussia.  The Faithful will be lining up to make their reservations.

22 people are in line at 6:00am.  Action News sent a film crew.

Tesla Model 3 Festivities

If you aren't already in line here's a puzzle that captures the moment designed by James Natale. 

See our own Ken Barbour in their segment.