Eastern Electric Vehicle Club


Dues are $20.00 per year and include access to our active email group and electronic delivery of the newsletter.  For an additional $5.00 per year a printed copy of the newsletter is mailed. 

We accept cash, checks, and PayPal.

The EEVC, a chapter of the Electric Auto Association, was founded in 1980 and serves eastern Pennsylvania & New Jersey.  EEVC members ranging from experts to entrepreneurs, beginners with an interest to those with a mission, have a goal of promoting the use and acceptance of electric vehicles to the general public by providing information, encouragement, and support to all who are interested in, active in, or impacted by alternate fueled vehicles. Some own and operate cars, boats, bicycles, tractors, or motorcycles with electric and alternative fuel drives. Others have job related expertise in engineering and science and share their experiences during meetings, through discussions on our chat line or through the newsletter.  Become a member and access our chat line.

EEVC Meetings

​Whether you've just bought a hybrid or EV or you're looking to build your own electric vehicle from the ground up, you're welcome to attend our monthly meetings. Our meetings feature informal discussions and presentations, featuring members' latest projects and the latest EV news. Many club members are recognized experts in the field and are always ready to give advice to those who have questions. Anyone with interest is welcome. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month.

​EEVC Member of the Year

​Recipients set the standard for accomplishing electric vehicle related achievements which directly and indirectly benefit the EEVC and its members. Most have regularly attended meetings, contributed to the newsletter, or served our organization as we reach out to the Delaware Valley in activities such as the Physics Olympics and vehicle displays we attend. They are an inspiration to fellow members by expanding our understanding of electric and hybrid cars and supporting the operation of the EEVC. In many cases the recipient has been an EEVC contributor for an extended period of time and a part of our life support system. Many have designed and constructed their own EV conversions or alternative energy projects which the EEVC was founded to encourage.

1996 --- Peter Cleaveland
1997 --- Dan Carlin
1998 --- Ed Kreibick
1999 --- Guy Davis
2000 --- Pete Gruendeman
2001 --- Anne & Tom Moore
2002 --- Eugene Lemieux 
2003 --- Mike Deliso 
2004 --- Ron Groening 
2005 --- Paul Kydd 
2006 --- Tullio Falini 
2007 --- Al Arrison
2008 --- Ken Barbour
2009 --- Mike Manning 
​2010 --- Gregg Witmer 
2011 --- Don Auker
2012 --- Dan Monroe
​2013 --- Bruce Sottolano
2014 --- James Natale
​2015 --- Denny Stichter

​EEVC Officers
1980 — Guy Davis
1981 — Carey Rowan
1982 — Ron Groening
1983-1984 — Ed Kreibick  
1985 — Bill Visher
1986-1991 — Guy Davis
1992-1994 — Ed Kriebick
1995-current — Oliver H. Perry   

EEVC Newsletter Editor
1980-2018 — Peter Cleaveland

EEVC Treasurer
1980-1981 — Tullio Falini
1982-1984 — Michael Manning
1985-2015 — Tullio Falini
2015-current — James Natale