Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

Methacton High School's Lomax EV conversion/kit, the oldest vehicle in continuous competition 

The Competitors

Al Arrison taking third in his Electrocar S-10 EV conversion

21st Century Automotive Challenge - 2017 Event Schedule

FRIDAY, April 28 – 21ST CAC Early Arrival, Drop off, and Charging

6:30-10:30am            Drop off at MorningStar home
10:30-6:00pm            Charging setup at MorningStar home

6:00-7:00am              Charger readings, liquid and gaseous refueling at MorningStar home
6:30-7:30am              Continental breakfast, drivers meeting at MorningStar home
7:30-12:00pm            Tech Inspection, Public Display, Cargo, and Tailgating Competition @MS
12:00-1:00pm            Lunch at MorningStar
1:00-3:00pm              Rally 1 all vehicles and charging at MorningStar home
3:00-9:00pm              Highway Range event
4:00-5:00pm              Dinner on your own 
5:00-9:00pm              Local Range Event: MorningStar to track for laps and return
9:00-12:00am            Pit work and charging setup at MorningStar

SUNDAY, April 30 – 21ST CAC Autocross Performance and Preliminary Award Events

12:00-6:00am              Charging

6:00-7:00am                Charger readings, liquid and gaseous refueling
7:00-8:00am                Continental Breakfast at Test Track
8:00-12:00pm              Public display, cargo, and tailgating competition at MorningStar
12:00-12:30pm            Lunch at MorningStar
12:30-1:00pm              Travel to CPI not scored.  Small team generators allowed.
1:30-3:30pm                Tech inspection, Drivers meeting and Autocross Event at CPI
3:30pm                        Depart CPI
Submitted by 
Joel R. Anstrom, Ph.D.
Director of the Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicle Research Laboratory (HHVRL)
Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State Main Campus

The autocross was run on the same course after the Central PA Region SCCA Solo Event 1 allowing a direct comparison.

The best time of the first six runs is recorded.  A two second penalty is added for hitting a cone.

Penn College and their Pontiac Fiero EV conversion taking a close second 

The kin folk said, "Move away from here", so they loaded up the truck... 

James Natale in his 2010 Toyota Prius V-AT taking a solid 4th.  Dan, this one's for you.

Ken Barbour on his Zero electric motorcycle taking first place in our autocross