Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

2016 Junior Solar Sprint & 21st Century Automotive Challenge

The Junior Solar Sprint will be held at the GridStar Home on the Navy Yard on May 21 from 9:00am--1:00pm.

The 21st Century Automotive Challenge is also being held at that time.  

Saturday May 21

The EEVC's contribution to the 21st CAC was Saturday's time/distance/speed rally, The Jersey Journey, designed by Ken Barbour.  This rally starting at the Gridstar Home at the Philadelphia Navy Yard ran through South Jersey with the check points at various charging stations.  

Points were awarded for each leg and a penalty was deducted for arriving early or late.

Competitors were sent off one at a time with directions to the next checkpoint where they would find the directions for the next leg.

The final destination was Cugini's Pizzeria in Deptford for lunch where the day's tales were told.


Sunday May 22

The day starts with the Display Event for the 21st CAC Challenge as the track for the Junior Solar Sprint is set up.

The weather did not cooperate as the JSS was postponed due to rain and was eventually run under battery power as the skies remained overcast.

After lunch the 21st CAC continues with a rally through Philadelphia.  The intended route included Citizens Bank Park, Reading Terminal Market, Art Museum, Boat House Row, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia Zoo, and a return to the Navy Yard for recharging.  This rally was scored on efficiency.

During the Drivers Meeting we discovered that some teams did not realize that the route was changed as we planned the event.  We also didn't realize the consequences of running the rally Sunday instead of Saturday to accommodate the JSS.  We packed up our displays and left as we were ready.

We started out while the Phiiies game was being played which caused a detour as our route now included a street closed to traffic. Our next adventure was the segment driving through Fairmount Park as several sections of our route were closed on Sundays for recreational activities.

Those still on the road in the late afternoon had another adventure as they experienced stadium traffic as the game let out.  

After charging their cars and reporting the number of kWh used the event was over and everone either headed out for dinner or headed home.