Eastern Electric Vehicle Club

2015 EEVC Top Guns

Ken Barbour  2015 Eugene Lemieux Award

Ken Barbour  Autocross

Jurgen Balitzky Best EV Range

James Natale Best non-EV Range

Paul Kydd Most Cargo

2015 21st Century Automotive Challenge Overall Scoring

Cory Rideout      Vectrix EV Motorcycle 1st Place  PLL1-2  830

Ken Barbour       Nissan LEAF                1st Place  PLH3-5 830

Methacton HS     Lomax EV                   1st Place  ILL1-2   795

Dan Monroe        Nissan LEAF               2nd Place PLH3-5 787

Jurgen Balitzky    Tesla Model S 60       3rd Place  PLH3-5 776

Jonathan Bartlett VW Beetle Biodiesel    1st Place  ILH3-5  772

Penn College       Pontiac Fiero EV         2nd Place ILL1-2  714

Alan Arrison       Chevy S-10 EV             1st Place  ILH1-2  689

Denny Stichter    Ford Ranger EV           3rd Place  ILL1-2  682

Ed Kreibick         VW Jetta Biodiesel        2nd Place ILH3-5  639

James Natale      Toyota Prius V-AT                        PLH3-5  600

Denys Kelly        Toyota Prius c                              PLH3-5 570

Paul Kydd           F-150 Hybrid               1st Place   ILL3-5  430

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2015 21st Century Automotive Challenge
Autocross Results
Gasoline                                     Best Time
Penn State Formula SAE              50.603
Tim             BMW                        54.304
Penn State  Subaru WRX              55.008

Ken            2015 Nissan LEAF     57.805
Dan            Nissan LEAF              59.191
Al               Chevrolet S-10          62.371
Penn College Pontiac Fiero          65.160
Jurgen         Tesla Model S           67.397
Cory            Vectrix                     73.743
Methacton   Lorax                       92.642

Jonathan      Volkswagen Beetle   54.186
Ed                Volkswagen Jetta     66.416

Gas-electric Hybrid
Jesse            Toyota Prius            73.608
Jim         2010 Toyota Prius V-AT 74.451
Denys          Toyota Prius c          77.991

Dan, the Stichters, Al & Ken at the garage

The Road Home

Dan & Denys--Did Dan hit up Meyer's Dairy for an ice cream CONE?

Jim & his Prius


A visiting member's Insight or this is what happens when you put a Prius in a dryer

Tour de Thor Errand--Meyer's Dairy

On display at the Morning Star home

Denys, the Kreibecks & Jim

at Fisherman's Paradise

Denys, the Kreibecks, Cory & Jim at the Nittany Lion & the garage.

Local Errands

Ken's LEAF on display

Jurgen's Model S hanging with the liquid fuelled

The line up at the Morning Star Home

Jonathan's biodiesel Beetle

Dan & Ken's LEAFs & Al's S-10

Denys' Prius c at CPI

Jim's 2010 Prius V-AT at CPI

Methacton's Lorax at CPI

Electric bus charging at Larson Test Track